Hey everyone, thank you all for your follows, likes, kind words, and motivation. I greatly appreciate it.  I am in the process of restructuring this site so please bear with me.  Still learning so we’ll see how long it takes. I will still post as I’m working on making the site better, again thank you all for … More Re-building


This is just something,  not everything.  It is a part of everything but really it’s just something.  A reality is relative but infinity is absolute; in absolute infinity  Wouldn’t we adapt to situations and circumstances, things that outside of ourselves have control or  some significant influence on the results which, turns out to be our … More “Something”

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I must keep going I  can not stop, I must keep going till I reach the top. Highest level I’m aiming for, you know I told you this before. Before your mind got caught in the world wind of wondering about the end. Let that go your not even finished with this; to think of … More “View “👀

Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to, who has a very enlightening blog; go check it out, for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award.  I’m just getting started and it’s an honor to be appreciated. Thanks to everyone for making this an amazing blog journey for me.  I would like to nominate:, Marissa//,,,,, … More Real Neat Blog Award

“Here’s Where The Spirit Comes To Die”

Why? Well, here’s where there’s stench of failure, swells of hopelessness peeking through the mountains of despair, Clouds filled with droplets of fear. Soaking every thought, languishing in grief, repeating the mantra, “All is done in disbelief”. One time desert filled with beautiful oasis, now merge with melancholy tones of starving faces. Yes, is this where the spirit comes … More “Here’s Where The Spirit Comes To Die”