Memories of love gone by are filling my presence and I see the moon glistening off your beautiful brown body; take me back to the time when my perception was love and only you.

I could do no wrong when I held you, oh how I long for your presence now.

These love songs fill my mind, oh how they are taking over my body and the movement of the shadow is me.

I move to this divine rhythm and it moves my mind and my spirit, my body is already aware of the play.  The ins and outs of the melodious beat, that vibration that helps secrete the esoteric balance of true love.

Never denied, never hid, that never subsides, that makes living this dream so real and makes me feel alive.


The best is yet to come, the evidence of being one.  The wholeness is in the seed, reformation and trust is what I need.

Speed is of the essence, I need to know, if I pray now then will I show; the guidance that comes from within.  I start a lot but tell me, where do I begin?

I gave all I had if that’s not enough, too bad.  I made the choices that dictate my life, I have no regrets if it’s filled with strife.  Thats how it is you know, things fall apart in the midst of the glow.

I thought I knew you should have strived to know me.  Now this is the sum and substance of what I see.

life is made to behold

This ending could have not been foretold.  In the dark I grope for answers that are out of sight, renewal comes with the morning light.

Here I stand bare in all my glory, no longer a victim now, living in VIC-TORY.

Thank you for this ridiculous journey, for now I love ME.



A small snippet:

He remembers me, now I remember me.

The turning point came when I realized internally and externally that my whole thought process had changed.

With the tear that burned my cheek as it slid down my face, so did my known sanity thus I had become truly insane; lost in a sea of fear because I had no idea that this wasn’t the start but the conclusion of the hell I had secretly set up for myself in 2003.

It became hard to breath and easy to slip into the oblivion of the unreal and I started to believe what I had never before even contemplated, “Defeat”.

I had lost because I started trying to be like everyone else and I had never been like anyone else.

Not in my thoughts, words or actions so when I did this, I began to deny my true self.

Now what do I do?


All the turmoil was not brought into the world by man but by otherworldly beings who find sport in coming and going in and out of our bodies like an olympic game.  They come through these portals or energy fields in what we call spiritual places, choose random people and weak havoc on the earth, then go back to their place in the cosmos and watch the result like an after school special.

What If?

For a moment we all really stopped and truly took a good look at one another?, would we see each others pain, strife and need for acceptance as a weakness or cry for help?   Would we see each others joys, abundance and deliberate living as an awesome achievement or an arrogant shameless plug?   Would we take time to love ourselves enough to love one another, slow down enough to help heal one another, choose to be more than we are?

What If?

We realized we exist to bring peace, light and love into the world through all of our life experiences, to build glorious spiritual monuments for the forward guidance and growth of us all.

What If?

We did and lived as such, this world, this, existence, these feelings, these ideas, all merged into one thought to create a community of highly illuminated thinkers and doers, building a castle of love and acceptance for all to partake in, What If?

Peace and Blessings


We’re living in a f’ing jungle and for what; to continue to be sold a false map of escape from the mental and social debacle we call life.
This is base material for the beginning of our minds bodies and everything in between, what do you mean? Get it together, try to we better, put in the time to open the mind utilizing its illumination; struck by the truth, we’re a royal nation, don’t let man fool you spirit of God rules you.
You could not have forgotten how the spirit took you from the flames into the cool breeze, we can’t let lies freeze us up and keep us stuck.
While our enemies run a muck all over the globe, our mothers and sisters betrayed to a lifetime of surrender to the highest vendor. Our fathers and brothers know not each other for the bullets that tear them asunder, wreaking havoc on families, the level of disgrace has reached the highest degree and it’s all taking its toll on me.
#nodaysoff, #keepwriting.

“State Of Mind”

Sometimes When I’m reminded of the things I left behind, it’s amazing how transformed I am and how exactly the same I am, what I mean is this; daily I journey through some of the same highs and lows as before I started meditating, believing in my prayers, myself and my Godliness.

Now I handle things so  differently, I allow things to be as they are, my reactions have become more of awareness of the thing, instead of developing a defensive strategy to combat it.  I am aware of it but if it’s not a positive plus to any aspect of my life I let slide right on by.

Not to say I don’t feel it and accept the emotions that come with being pissed off, hurt or happy, I realized the reaction to all of it is what will build or destroy my conversations, relationships, feelings or whatever it is attached to it.

I mean; daily I’m learning  and moving even when it feels like I’m sitting still, thoughts and memories continue to fill the still space allowing the creation of the ability to accept whats happening as it is.



via Daily Prompt: PauseDaily my life revolves around the movement of the energy emitted from my grand children, I have become dependent on the beautiful wonderful essence of the cherub like energy from my grands.  Now I pause and realize its up to me to succeed with life, although the energy of the grands is awesome I must add my energy and mix the possibilities around a little.

How Far We’ve Come

Sitting outside talking with family and friends and one of the guys ask my son where his girlfriend was; his response was, she’s not my girlfriend. The guy asked; well, your friend than and my son said no, she’s not my friend either, he said; I’m courting her, the guy looked at him dumbfounded and asked what’s that?
I was cracking up until I realized he was serious he said he’d never heard the word before.
That something to think about, an 18yr old young man doesn’t know what it means to court. This is fuel for the condition we find our selves in as a nation of people who have evolved right out of kindness and chivalry, into selfishness fueled by fear.
Sad as it is this young man doesn’t know what it means to court, it’s even sadder that no body’s shared this tradition with him cause it’s not mainstream. Not too many things are taboo anymore there’s no air of mystery, no hint of seduction, everything is laid out before you with little or no instructions just dive right in!
It’s no coincidence this young man doesn’t have a clue it’s not his fault he’s from a generation of children defined by dysfunction, neglect, and anything goes. The days of the knight in shining armor or the hero that saves the women’s virtue has gone the way of booty calls and jump-offs.
Seems like to me instead of perpetrating the appearance of growth, we need to give these young people something different to aspire to then the next big rapper holding down the hood.
Anyway here’s my interpretation of courting:
Spending time getting to know each other doing things we mutually enjoy together holding hands, going on dates watching movies, opening doors, pulling out chairs, asking permission before moving to the next step. This is a short list but it is sufficient to display the idea, you get what I mean.
Some of these may seem foreign to some but at one time in our history in order to sleep with someone you had the responsibility to at least get to know something about them first, not just meet, screw, and cut off.
Well, that’s my gush for now I go back into meditation,



It’s hot in here and I’m wondering why?  I think maybe cause I just got high… off the rhythm of the vibe.

I stay on elevation, fueled by illumination, so I stay in tuned with my station.

No static and no state of panic, just going with the flow which ever way the wind blows, sounds like blind faith I know.

I Open my eyes and see the truth inside, I stopped running to the top only to slide down the side, blind in one eye, the one before time.

This is just to remind, listen to the rhythm of your heart; yeah, I know things fall apart.

We have to find a way, somewhere you have to start, coming and going thoughts just flowing.

Joyfully I am here in this atmosphere of contentment, living this out like I mean it or meant it.

Low and behold I open my mouth and nothing but the highest thoughts come out.

I was trapped in a cave of deceit, higher power and I now meet, merging like the rhythm of the drum.

Living now for the kingdom has come.

Nail Shop Humor

Ha ha ha ha, trolling through some old stuff I wrote I found this, I re-read it and thought it was funny so I wanted to share, tell me what you think.

Remember when you got your nails done at the chinese shop, they would be giggling and pointing as they were working on your feet or nails; you just knew they were talking about you. Over the years and developing relationships with some of them you realized they were talking about you. Especially if your feet were torn up, lol. Well, nail shops beware, customers listen up. I’ve found a way you can all know if you’re the butt of the joke while pampering yourselves.

Ni How Kai Lan, a show that comes on nick jr. and teaches children how to speak chinese, as well as dealing with their feelings, if you’ve spent any time around children you already know, lol. I’ve learned a lot of new words like; ye-ye means grandpa, ni-how means hello, and con-lon means dragon. These words could help if your concerned at the nail salon, especially if they greet you like this, “Ni- how, ye- ye con-lon, (while looking down at your feet), which means hello grandpa dragon.  Hahahaha.

Peace and Blessings