Just when I thought it was safe to be, I found out I could only be me. When my back was against the wall, I found out I had it all. Now that the tables are turned, I realize all the lessons I’ve learned. The awakening has begun, with old worn out ideas I’m done. Facing … More Poem


Hey everyone, thank you all for your follows, likes, kind words, and motivation. I greatly appreciate it.  I am in the process of restructuring this site so please bear with me.  Still learning so we’ll see how long it takes. I will still post as I’m working on making the site better, again thank you all for … More Re-building


This is just something,  not everything.  It is a part of everything but really it’s just something.  A reality is relative but infinity is absolute; in absolute infinity  Wouldn’t we adapt to situations and circumstances, things that outside of ourselves have control or  some significant influence on the results which, turns out to be our … More “Something”