The truth of our lies leaves us baron and unfulfilled left with only memories of the truth,  memories of what might be if we embrace love and now I see without eyes and I hear without ears and I  must follow my heart to conquer the blindness and the deafness. So  many dusty shadows they … More Thoughts


Life seems to come and find us where we are,  it seems to grab us and shake us when things aren’t moving in a manner that causes us to  grow,  to jerk us back into the reality of knowing who we are and where we’re going.   My life is lightened, I radiate peace,  freely … More Flow


This long stretch of empty road, rolling and winding, up, down, round and round.  It looks familiar maybe Deja’ vu, a place I’ve been before probably with you.   I pass the towering trees, the wind howls past my chilled shoulders  I think about how loved I am.  How  beautiful this stretch of road really is, … More Dream?