It’s natural to Be

As I sit in the midst of nature at it’s finest I am reminded of how truly beautiful it all is.  How every being has its place and relishes it’s very existence so it can illustrate the true application of its own experience.

Oh how we yearn to live such a simplistic life.  How we strive to be, in this striving we realize that we are.  Sometimes, other times we think “it’s just too simple “. water background

Well let me tell you I’ve tried both and to my surprise,  they both have redeeming qualities.

When striving we can often be caught up in the strive or whatever it is that we are focused on, we lose track of what we’re striving for and why.  More to the point,  we sometimes strive right past our goal.  Making us strive even harder thinking we missed something; when all along, we only had our eyes closed.  While it is important to move in the direction of your goals don’t miss the movement.

When it seems just too simple is when it usually is.  It’s very simple to just be and enjoy our existence, living, laughing, loving,  it’s all so wonderful, sometimes when we allow doubt to creep in we second guess our intuition and create obstacles that aren’t there.

Thus putting us in a state of panic because we don’t have to stress, we make up emotional triggers, that keep us stuck believing in continual separation; there is true oneness in accepting both simplicity and being, as the blessings they are.


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