This is just something,  not everything.  It is a part of everything but really it’s just something.  A reality is relative but infinity is absolute; in absolute infinity  Wouldn’t we adapt to situations and circumstances, things that outside of ourselves have control or  some significant influence on the results which, turns out to be our lives? In the same token, wouldn’t we do the same with internal influences that shape us as well?  Wouldn’t we, if there is indeed only one way to experience life, see a great voluntary culmination or migration in only that way?  I’m just thinking out loud, transferring my thoughts into these words.  Placeholder Image

Thought to ponder:  what does it take to stay on a productive prosperous path?  A path in which we create the results and the way is ours.   To give to ourselves, tempered with the truth of unconditional love;  you know, that love that surpasses all understanding.  As sensual beings, we like to transfer that feeling to a person that has made us feel passionate and fulfilled, for a period of time in space.  This is an awesome amount of pressure to put on someone who thinks, well,  “I’m only human”   people have been thinking this for so long that there are quotes and songs about only being human. We ignore the fact that we have a spark of ‘divinity’  it’s there, we just don’t take time to nurture it or allow it to guide us.   This shows through in our humanity, how we feel about one another (the different sides we take in our views), how we speak to one another (as if one of us is better than the other) and how we treat one another (as if our humanity doesn’t depend on each other).  So I think to say were only human is diminutive at best.Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

The truth is some of us depend solely on our humanity, thus treating our divinity as  taboo and a  secret that can only be appreciated by those of us who accept our divine heritage also.  I mean there’s two sides to every story right?, so why not check the other side of our own stories, the side that knowing, gives us the confidence to be who we were made to be.  Were not only single-minded individuals with one course of action, to be born to live and then die.  We are also aware spiritual beings that want to experience more than “just being human”. I think that’s what it takes to start on that path. So this is Just something, that’s a part of everything.

#nodaysoff, #keepwriting.




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