“The Pursuit of Happiness”

Why are we constantly pursuing happiness?

I would like to explore some of the reasons we pursue happiness instead of receiving it or just being happy.

You would have to agree, if you don’t, that’s fine too.  The fact that we are pursuing happiness, is one of the main reasons we only enjoy it in spurts; if we would set our thoughts on an instant when we felt truly happy, we could feel the essence of happiness.  The agreement with happiness is contentment; which is the satisfaction of where we are, what we have, and what we’re doing at the moment.  Sometimes we prolong these moments by living in them while there going on, other times we miss the mark, by not living in these moments or thinking of other things we have to do.  We must remember our happiness depends on us.  So the idea of pursuing happiness really is a lot of physical and mental work to realize we possess that which we seek or (pursue).


Another reason we pursue happiness is,  it’s a habit; we’ve been in the habit of the pursuit for a long time, some of us haven’t stopped long enough to know when we have achieved some level of happiness.  We continue in the pursuit as we forget to take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  By this habit we continue on like droids marching to the beat of the social conforms of the day.  Many of us have been stuck, not taking the time to appreciate the realization of our ideas and goals.  We accomplish, conquer and attempt to control, (through habit) that which will be most beneficial for us.  The only problem is, we’ve been told by small information controlling entities what’s beneficial.   Most of us feel averse to this type of environment, but the masses accept it as rule and move in such a way.  Thus, creating the atmosphere of the pursuit.

The habit is formed by many outside factors, (outside of your mind and self) one of the most inclusive is the media, print, photo,  or televised.   Daily thoughts,  ideas, actions; all being constantly manipulated to lead us to buy, act, wear, do, feel and be reliant on sources outside of ourselves.  Consequently, if the majority of us aren’t using our conscious to be the gatekeeper of our subconscious mind then we fall a victim to whatever we let in.

gears 2

The real pursuit of happiness is to find ourselves and understand that we are co-creators in whatever we want to be, do, say, have or feel.  The happiness we so wildly pursue is an internal external existence that only requires us to Love;  love us, who we are, what we are, how we are, in doing this we will find that the things we’ve been told will make us happy are all a result of the way we understand ourselves.  Find your happiness within, in order to share it without.

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