Poem from my FB page

Toxic love, mental submission, how things change from what we envision.
Not at all what we see when we peer into our mind’s eye, signs come quick, you don’t even have to try.
Don’t be confused by what my words describe, like honey to a bee and a bee to a hive.
Sometime earlier in my life of lives, I lived in power strength and might.
I did not tarry to see the manifestations of me, coming in 3d, hitting the third degree.
Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it’s energy well spent.
Coming up with a poem that touches and reflects the deepest side of me, reflections of love are all I see.
Too many to fight there stronger than right and with all of my might I’ll keep up the fight; well, I’ll keep it close to me, seeing how I once was a mystery.
Too much time has already been spent making deals that were never kept.
Time bomb keeps ticking, body takes a lickin, keep things moving like a plot from “Dickens”.
I mean lots of steam, quickly and effortlessly I create my dreams.
Can’t wait for the time to be right because it may not be, have to keep it moving for more than just me.
You see this life we put all our time into; can be a challenge and make your head spin, too.

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