“Here’s Where The Spirit Comes To Die”


Well, here’s where there’s stench of failure,

swells of hopelessness peeking through the mountains of despair,

Clouds filled with droplets of fear.

Soaking every thought, languishing in grief, repeating the mantra, “All is done in disbelief”.

One time desert filled with beautiful oasis, now merge with melancholy tones of starving faces.

Yes, is this where the spirit comes to die?  There is no truth it cannot be denied.

Places we make up to try to hide whats been going on since we recognized pride.

The ID, as it were; we slowly speak like, with a slur.

Still not trying to deter the sliver of peace the helps us grow and before we know it, were dragged down into a pit.

Yeah this is where the spirit comes to die

Can anyone deny, the truth of soul is on the inside?

The hope of love we trap, while needing to inside tap in on the love that has been unable to push through.

Horizons seeming always blue, true; if we could only see through to our own hue.

The vibrant colors that we all are, all the trimmings and the STAR.

The essence of the truest one, we play around as if in fun.

Not taking time to master the plan of the Great I Am, whose power keeps us all illumined and mostly human.

Light bearers, truth seekers, expressions of the source, living out with no remorse.

Life gets real when we start to feel it, taking our souls from mystery to creating our true history.

Open your eyes my women and men, this mustn’t be the beginning of the end.

Our faith’s been tested, our soul requested.  Who will fight?  Who will compromise?

Will this truly be where our spirit comes to die?


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