My contribution for Today:

Regarding a post by (Whimsical Wordsmith) I read then re-blogged I’m going to write something here everyday, normally I write a few times a week but since I read that post I’m going to give a little bit more.

I am learning so much from so many other people since I started daily engaging  my Facebook and twitter pages, sharing in this blog and joining writing groups, things like; pay rates for freelancers by (Sophie Lizard), how to set up and run email campaigns by (Amy Saunders) Infusionsoft, how important writing samples and a bio is to getting freelance work, etc…, information on publishing both indie and traditional.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far I think is, 500 hundred words a day is not that hard to write nor does it take as much time as I thought it did.  Once I started writing it turned into a story then I didn’t want to stop because I wanted to see how it ends.

I will continue on this learning journey as far as it will take me , hopefully some will be encouraged to join and grow with me.  In the meantime I hope this post helped someone who’s learning like me.  never give up.

#nodaysoff, #keepwriting.


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