Sitting her thinking, “what will I write today”?  Waiting for something to pop into my head, trying to stay original which is difficult,  what; with so many new streams of information its difficult to stay on track.  I check out some pages,some blogs, and some educational sites and I keep coming up with the same thing #nodaysoff, #keepwriting.

Dream Big, stay focused on my dreams work towards them until they are real.  Daily I engross myself in all things writing to stay in line with my enlightenment, so many stories to tell but where to start or at least with which one.

So I corral my thoughts and come up with this;

Love is stranger than fiction

Sometimes we mix them

Only to realize the difference

Isn’t real or fantasy but

Whatever it feels like tome

I gotta live free

I gotta love me

The only way to make my dreams a reality

Never give up, never give in

The only struggle we should endure is the struggle to win.

Well thats all for now, thanks for visiting.


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