The best is yet to come, the evidence of being one.  The wholeness is in the seed, reformation and trust is what I need.

Speed is of the essence, I need to know, if I pray now then will I show; the guidance that comes from within.  I start a lot but tell me, where do I begin?

I gave all I had if that’s not enough, too bad.  I made the choices that dictate my life, I have no regrets if it’s filled with strife.  Thats how it is you know, things fall apart in the midst of the glow.

I thought I knew you should have strived to know me.  Now this is the sum and substance of what I see.

life is made to behold

This ending could have not been foretold.  In the dark I grope for answers that are out of sight, renewal comes with the morning light.

Here I stand bare in all my glory, no longer a victim now, living in VIC-TORY.

Thank you for this ridiculous journey, for now I love ME.



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