All the turmoil was not brought into the world by man but by otherworldly beings who find sport in coming and going in and out of our bodies like an olympic game.  They come through these portals or energy fields in what we call spiritual places, choose random people and weak havoc on the earth, then go back to their place in the cosmos and watch the result like an after school special.

What If?

For a moment we all really stopped and truly took a good look at one another?, would we see each others pain, strife and need for acceptance as a weakness or cry for help?   Would we see each others joys, abundance and deliberate living as an awesome achievement or an arrogant shameless plug?   Would we take time to love ourselves enough to love one another, slow down enough to help heal one another, choose to be more than we are?

What If?

We realized we exist to bring peace, light and love into the world through all of our life experiences, to build glorious spiritual monuments for the forward guidance and growth of us all.

What If?

We did and lived as such, this world, this, existence, these feelings, these ideas, all merged into one thought to create a community of highly illuminated thinkers and doers, building a castle of love and acceptance for all to partake in, What If?

Peace and Blessings


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