We’re living in a f’ing jungle and for what; to continue to be sold a false map of escape from the mental and social debacle we call life.
This is base material for the beginning of our minds bodies and everything in between, what do you mean? Get it together, try to we better, put in the time to open the mind utilizing its illumination; struck by the truth, we’re a royal nation, don’t let man fool you spirit of God rules you.
You could not have forgotten how the spirit took you from the flames into the cool breeze, we can’t let lies freeze us up and keep us stuck.
While our enemies run a muck all over the globe, our mothers and sisters betrayed to a lifetime of surrender to the highest vendor. Our fathers and brothers know not each other for the bullets that tear them asunder, wreaking havoc on families, the level of disgrace has reached the highest degree and it’s all taking its toll on me.
#nodaysoff, #keepwriting.


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