“State Of Mind”

Sometimes When I’m reminded of the things I left behind, it’s amazing how transformed I am and how exactly the same I am, what I mean is this; daily I journey through some of the same highs and lows as before I started meditating, believing in my prayers, myself and my Godliness.

Now I handle things so  differently, I allow things to be as they are, my reactions have become more of awareness of the thing, instead of developing a defensive strategy to combat it.  I am aware of it but if it’s not a positive plus to any aspect of my life I let slide right on by.

Not to say I don’t feel it and accept the emotions that come with being pissed off, hurt or happy, I realized the reaction to all of it is what will build or destroy my conversations, relationships, feelings or whatever it is attached to it.

I mean; daily I’m learning  and moving even when it feels like I’m sitting still, thoughts and memories continue to fill the still space allowing the creation of the ability to accept whats happening as it is.


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