It’s hot in here and I’m wondering why?  I think maybe cause I just got high… off the rhythm of the vibe.

I stay on elevation, fueled by illumination, so I stay in tuned with my station.

No static and no state of panic, just going with the flow which ever way the wind blows, sounds like blind faith I know.

I Open my eyes and see the truth inside, I stopped running to the top only to slide down the side, blind in one eye, the one before time.

This is just to remind, listen to the rhythm of your heart; yeah, I know things fall apart.

We have to find a way, somewhere you have to start, coming and going thoughts just flowing.

Joyfully I am here in this atmosphere of contentment, living this out like I mean it or meant it.

Low and behold I open my mouth and nothing but the highest thoughts come out.

I was trapped in a cave of deceit, higher power and I now meet, merging like the rhythm of the drum.

Living now for the kingdom has come.


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