Nail Shop Humor

Ha ha ha ha, trolling through some old stuff I wrote I found this, I re-read it and thought it was funny so I wanted to share, tell me what you think.

Remember when you got your nails done at the chinese shop, they would be giggling and pointing as they were working on your feet or nails; you just knew they were talking about you. Over the years and developing relationships with some of them you realized they were talking about you. Especially if your feet were torn up, lol. Well, nail shops beware, customers listen up. I’ve found a way you can all know if you’re the butt of the joke while pampering yourselves.

Ni How Kai Lan, a show that comes on nick jr. and teaches children how to speak chinese, as well as dealing with their feelings, if you’ve spent any time around children you already know, lol. I’ve learned a lot of new words like; ye-ye means grandpa, ni-how means hello, and con-lon means dragon. These words could help if your concerned at the nail salon, especially if they greet you like this, “Ni- how, ye- ye con-lon, (while looking down at your feet), which means hello grandpa dragon.  Hahahaha.

Peace and Blessings



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