This is the saddest moment of my life

I find out the real me is just a shadowy

Existence of what I thought I should be.

The truth is hard to swallow; but

Alas I must confess, I lived the way I thought was the best

I thought I gave the most important things

The material things could be gained later

My hopes my dreams, I guess took over the reality of what is

And now I have to live with this.

To know there’s no one on my side makes me function out of tune

At times I wish for the end  would come soon.

I knew we would always be friends

Now I sit and wonder how to make a mends.

Swallowed up in this thought I realize

There is no end or beginning, just

A continuous movement towards the goal set before us

Swept up now in the details I release these to the essence of what is true

In reality all you can do is continue to grow and get better

No matter what’s askew.


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