Free Woman


The moon encapsulates the sky with the sense of being shy hiding its full wealth showing how easily we get dealt, the hands that keep us stagnated in constant need of help.

When the strength of the fullness takes over the reality, that is on another plane, makes me begin to understand the power I maintain.

Through a collection of rose-colored glasses almost making me feel hassled you know, taken for a ride since I’m a woman, as one there’s no Bonnie and Clyde;  just a real sister of this evolutionary conundrum to make my life seem less humdrum, so that I command number 1… status that is, as I continue to give y’all the biz.

The real life story of a queen trapped and then let loose in a totally new scene.  Being that woman of life, that woman wealth, that woman who can stand sit or lay by herself.     That’s not the foundation of my philosophy, for you see, there could be you no more without me, when your breath out I breath in, soaking in the saturated combination since I’m station-ary, I sit upon the throne that is home.

I continue my reign so many to train! Make minds like eagle’s flights full of freedom, how you walk like you don’t need ’em.  Sure they love you when your unconscious, you hold the light within, you look at them and pretend it’s not the end, for them anyway. you wish they could know the bounty of there souls, of the wisdom untold, in the truth of old.


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